Water Care Tutorials for Hot Tubs and Spas

A simple guide to help keep your spa water clean and safe. Just click on your preferred water care method and you will be redirected to a page that will walk you through start-up procedures and routine maintenance.

These tutorials were created specifically for those that find water care to be a bit confusing. However, for you hydrotherapy pros that REALLY enjoy fine tuning your spa’s water, you can click on the corporate link on each page to go directly to their more in-depth website.


SilkBalance® for Spas is specially formulated to be soft on your skin and keep water crystal clear and fresh without harmful chemicals.

You now will have more time to enjoy your spa, so do away with all those different chemicals, testing, mixing, adjusting, guessing, measuring and frequent trips to the dealer.

Join the simple, enjoyable, luxurious water world of SilkBalance®.

Click here for more information on SilkBalance


The EverFresh® system is a pure, natural approach to water care. It reduces the need for chlorine and bromine. You can leave your spa unattended for longer periods of time, change the water less often, and save time and money.

Enjoy sparkling, clean water from the very first time you fill your spa, naturally.

Click here for the EverFresh® water care guide.

Ace Salt Water

The exclusive ACE salt water system is an option for all Highlife®, Highlife NXT and Limelight® Collection spa models.

Watch a short video to learn more about how this unique system works! CLICK HERE



The sanitizing power of chlorination in concentrated granules. Chlorinating Concentrate should be added directly to spa water while the pump is running. Use regular doses as a sanitizer and shock doses as an oxidizer.

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