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When you purchase a new product from anyone any brand you should first look at the company you are buying from. Whether you are buying a New Car or a New Coffee maker; the company that makes the product is far from the company that sells it!!
Last month my wife and I experienced this FIRST HAND… We decided to purchase ourselves a new “Hot Tub” for our Christmas gift to each other and I started my research on the web. I research “Top Manufactures”, “Top Consumer Rated” and “Top Industry Rated”. I looked at specifications, Dimensions, and ALL the “Bells and Whistles” and WOW there are a lot of bells and whistles!!!

I narrowed the field fairly quickly and brought the numbers down to just 4 that were in the “Top 10” list. Jacuzzi, Hot Springs, Nordic, and Cal Spa. (All three are offered in Longview) All were highly rated “Nationally” by both INDUSTRY and CONSUMER which only left us a little leg work to see which one we liked and purchase; Right??? WOW what a difference it makes to actually do the “Leg Work”. We spent about a week and listened to “Pushy” sales pitches on what makes “Our Hot Tub” the best and why the others are “NOT the quality” and really “NO NEED to Compare Shop the other places in town” “I have been in the business for 45 years and “NO BODY IS BETTER THAN ME”!!! We listened to one salesman tell us that his three brands were the best then in the next sentence tell us that two of his brands “weren’t brands that he would purchase” and one elderly gent would only show us “Videos” on his computer and had nothing to show on the floor. We really started getting discouraged when we Stopped by East Texas Spa next to “Casa Ole” on the loop.

Greg, Laurie, and Cecile went out of their way to make us feel as if we were family instead of just another customer. Greg spent the time to explain his product in terms that even I could understand. They also encouraged us to “Check out the competition” if we found a better product then buy it!

We looked at the “Google Ratings” for all the places we had visited and found that “East Texas Spa” is the ONLY place that has a 5 star rating and we now know why. Greg has answered EVERY question without hesitation and the installation team was extremely professional and “Happy” to help with all my questions.

We purchased a new Hot Springs “Gleam” hot tub and are looking forward to many years of “Luxury”