Infrared Saunas

Finnleo’s Ultra Low EMR/Low EF Infrared Saunas

Treating yourself to the relaxation and detoxification benefits of infrared technology is now safer than ever. Pure Infra saunas have the lowest electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and electrical field (EF) signatures of any infrared delivery system available—levels far below even Sweden’s tough radiation standards. And the exclusive Evenheat system makes sure every single part of you is warmed evenly—providing added comfort and true full body detoxification without the worry of excessive exposure to EMR and EF.

Finnleo S Series

Luxury is standard on every Finnleo S-Series Low EMR/Low EF Premium Infrared Sauna.

All infrared delivery systems produce EMR and EF to some extent. While the levels are typically low, it is still not clearly understood what the long term effects of low exposure might mean. Pure Infra technology was developed to take the worry out of unnecessary exposure to EMR and EF. For instance, the electrical field in a Pure Infra is less than you’d experience from a computer screen or cell phone. After all, if the point is to detoxify, why expose yourself to any level of unnecessary radiation?

Finnleo S Series Features

For the health conscious infrared sauna buyer

Finnleo’s S-Series comes with beauty and convenience that you can see, hear, feel and touch.

The full-glass front on the sleek design gives a more open feel while you relax and fits in any home’s style.
The tri-modal lighting system shines with valance lighting, recessed ceiling reading lights, and color light therapy for people with Seasonally Affective Disorder (SAD) or anybody else who enjoys a brighter outlook.
Finnleo’s Gentle Balance system guarantees even temperatures with no cold spots. The wall-to-wall flat panel CarbonFlex Infrared Heating system literally wraps you evenly in gentle heat.
The Finnleo SaunaTone sound system is music to your ears. Touch screen control easily lets you select your preferred comfort settings for heat, sound and light.

With all that, the S-series has improved heating efficiency that cuts wattage use by 20-24% depending on the model. So you save energy. You’ll appreciate the full range of premium Low EMR/Low EF sauna features found on every S-Series model. And, you’ll enjoy the Euro-styling that will remind you of a luxurious sauna resort every time you step into it.

Finnleo B Series

A new standard in infrared sauna design and performance

The Original Premium Line set a new standard in infrared sauna design and performance. The new Low EMR/Low EF B-Series is superbly designed, has high quality craftsmanship and materials, and is loaded with standard features (see below).

Suffice it to say, “Nothing is missing.” Though competitors try to copy the B-Series design, it simply cannot be duplicated. With innovative heating technology combined with patented design – the B-series offers supreme value.

Standard Features:

  • Saunatec CarbonFlex heating system, integral with wall panels and bench support panels – with the largest surface area in the industry, providing the softest heat, evenly dispersed from all sides (no hot spots; no cold spots).
  • Prefabricated wall panels, finished inside and out with clear T&G Canadian Hemlock or clear Western Red Cedar – for a sauna with “furniture quality.”
  • Exterior surfaces finished with biodegradable wood treatment – for a more luxurious look and for ease in maintenance.
  • Saunatec digital control system mounted inside and out. Controls include: on/off, interior light switch, exterior light switch, color therapy light switch, bench seat heater on/off, time and temperature controls.
  • Saunatone Stereo system, which includes hook-up for your music player (iPod, MP3, USB, micro SD)
    High quality, heat-proof stereo speakers pre-installed in ceiling panel
  • Pre-built Hemlock or Cedar benches with integral bench seat heaters
  • Built-in Hemlock or Cedar floor with integral in-floor heated ceramic tiles
  • Deluxe all-glass door. All sidelight windows and doors use only tempered safety glass.
  • All models except Model 810 & 870 include integral magazine rack
  • Low-voltage mini-spot lights installed in the ceiling; roof overhang includes integral exterior mini spot lights (E-Series has recessed fluorescents on overhang).
  • Integral color light therapy system
  • Wall-to-Wall backrests, designed for user comfort and safety.
  • All sizes can be plugged into a 120 volt household outlet.
    CarbonFlex heating system’s large surface area efficiently emits soft heat with quick heat-up times, yet is simply plugged into a standard 120-volt household outlet (no electrician required; simply plug-in and enjoy).
  • ETL listed “as a complete plug-in room” – for safety and reliability
  • Industry leading warranty backed by America’s #1 sauna company
  • You also get Finnleo’s unsurpassed warranty — two years of on-site labor, five years of electrical warranty and a lifetime warranty on the carbon panel emitter backed up by Olympic Hot Tub’s Peace of Mind Guarantee.


Looking for a space saving infrared sauna large enough for 3? Finnleo’s B870 is ideal for 3 to sit together chatting and relaxing. With its 5-sided design and a footprint of 52″ x 52″,


S810 Solo

Ideal for apartments, condos and small homes. If you like to sauna ‘solo’ or have minimal space, the S-series S810 is Finnleo’s smallest model of Low EMR/EF Infrared Saunas.



Finnleo’s most luxurious model, the 880 is a neo-angled beauty. A three-sided front with large panoramic windows makes this as beautiful to look at as it is delightful to enjoy the soft heat inside. Looking for a space-saving infrared sauna large enough for 4?


S870 Serenity

Looking for a space-saving infrared sauna large enough for 4? Finnleo’s S-series S870 is ideal for 4 to sit across from each other to chat and relax.



Like to sauna with the whole family? With its Classic European design, the B840 infrared sauna offers amazing spaciousness and comfortable seating for four to chat and relax. Perfect for a small condo project or workout room.




S825 Horizon

Like to take your sauna lying down? This is the model for you. Roomy for 3 or the perfect space-saving sauna that lets you fully recline on the bench for a deeper relaxation.




S840 Quartet

Like to sauna with the whole family? The S840 is ideal for 4 to sit across from each other relaxing and chatting. Perfect for a small condo project or workout room, this is the ultimate way to sauna with friends and family.



One of our most popular models, this model is a diminutive beauty. Perfect for one or two people, with its footprint of less than 16 sq. ft., this IR sauna can be easily incorporated into an in-home workout area, master bath, even in the master bedroom. This model has the same fully-loaded features as the larger models, including the same 77” height.



If you like to lie down in the sauna, this is the model for you. This rectangular model comfortably seats three, but the 6’ width also makes it comfortable for lying down. With two large sidelight windows and a large door window, the room has an open yet intimate feeling to it.



Ideal for those having minimal space available and/or those using their sauna solo, the Model 810 has a foot print of only 9 sq. ft. With all the Premium Line features, The Model 810 has the same luxurious features as larger models but is packaged as our smallest model. “Lack of space” is no longer a limitation. This model can be installed into a corner of almost any room – even into a walk-in closet.


S830 Tranquility

Finnleo’s S-Series S830 model offers amazing spaciousness for 4 adults or the ultimate luxury for one to stretch out fully. The open glass front eliminates any feeling of being closed in.


S880 Dreamscape

Looking for a space-saving infrared sauna large enough for 5? Finnleo’s S-series S880 is ideal for 5 to sit across from each other to relax and chat. Or, if you and your partner want to stretch out and lie on a bench to sauna this is the luxurious way to do just that.


S820 Duo

Best Seller! If you’re looking for a roomy infrared sauna for one that would fit two at times, Finnleo’s S820 model is for you.