Outdoor Saunas

It’s easy to entertain when you have an a Finnleo Traditional Outdoor Sauna. Invite your guests over on a lazy Sunday afternoon or for dinner and a sauna. Sauna while your dinner cooks on the barbeque.

Complete your backyard oasis with an outdoor sauna poolside, lakeside, spa-side or on your deck or patio. Guests don’t have to trek through your home to reach “cold” relief after the sauna’s heat. Just open the door, step outside and cool off!

Patio Party Time

What a great idea! Sauna outdoors in the Finnish tradition. When indoor space is at a premium and/or you want to complement a hot tub, spa or pool; a Finnleo Traditional Patio Sauna is the perfect choice. It’s strong, durable and practical. Step right outside for cool relief. Install an outdoor shower or use the hot tub or pool for a cool plunge.

These full–sized saunas are portable, two-piece units designed to be locked together with integral cam-latches.


Patio Saunas Features And Options

  • Cathedral ceiling with exposed beams
  • Pre-built, pre-fitted wall and ceiling panels completely blind nailed for aesthetic appeal
  • Built-in floor with water resistant vinyl flooring
  • Cedar runners for installation on patio or deck
  • Pre-hung door ( hinged left or right-your choice) pre-mounted in its own panel with thermal pane glass insert
  • Floor standing FSO heater with digital control
  • Bucket, ladle, light and thermometer – everything you need to sauna immediately after assembly

Wood Standard:

  • Nordic White Spruce interior and exterior
  • Exterior can be painted or stained to match any exterior décor
  • Fittings Abachi backrests, headrests, heater guard and duck board

Size Options

  • 4′ x 5′ (PA45)
  • 4′ x 6′ (PA46)
  • 5′ x 6′ (PA56)
  • 5′ x 7′ (PA57)

Select from four standard models or create your own size and interior layout – custom sizes are available.

Other Options

  • Maintenance free siding
  • Metal roof or Cedar shingles
  • Fully insulated roof kit available with plywood (ready for your shingles), cedar shingles or metal roofing

Installation Notes

Outdoor installation: Patio saunas require the addition of a roof kit or must be placed under cover.

Floor: Patio models have a base/floor included. Your sauna must be located on a solid, flat and level surface to insure proper assembly. Suggested material: wood decking, pavers or concrete.

Electrical: No electrical work is included. Patio Saunas must be hardwired by an electrician. All electrical work from supply, including connections to heater, controls and lights is your responsibility.

Metro Series

Add an entertainment center to your backyard with a Finnleo Outdoor Metro sauna.

Contemporary styling with traditional elements, the Metro series is compatible with all housing styles-urban, suburban or country settings!

Three of the four models include changing rooms, which make them large enough to double as a pool house.

With a Metro sauna adjacent to the pool, the swimming season is extended through winter. Do as they do in Finland: run out of the sauna and jump in the pool to experience the ultimate “sauna with cold plunge”.

The Metro series is designed for easy assembly. The walls, ceiling and roof are constructed of insulated 4 ¼” panels. Each panel is finished on both sides.

Finnleo Metro Series Outdoor Sauna Features

  • Pre-hung exterior door with window
  • All glass interior door
  • Sauna heater, rocks and separate control panel
  • Bucket, ladle, one or two wall lights, thermometer included – everything you need to sauna immediately after assembly

Wood Interior:

  • Tongue and groove Nordic White Spruce

Exterior Standard:

  • Tongue and groove European Alder to be painted or stained to match to match your exterior décor

Exterior Option:

  • Maintenance-free tongue and groove siding
  • Fittings Abachi pre-built benches, backrests, headrests, heater guard and floor boards

Size Options

  • 7′ x 7′ (MS77)
  • 8′ x 11′ (MS811)
  • 8′ x 12′ (MS812)

Window Options

  • Crank-out windows for improved air flow in changing room
  • Changing Room Pre-built bench, backrest, and 4-peg clothes hanger
  • Standard on Metro series models 711, 810, and 812
  • Optional shower on SS812
  • Optional field-installed bathroom